How the Summer Solstice, the Heart and the Spirit are All Connected

Summer Solstice is now only one week away. This date marks the return of yin in Chinese medical theory. While in Western cultures and calendrical sciences the Summer Solstice is said to represent the start of summer, in Eastern cultures and ancient Chinese calendrical sciences it actually represents the MIDPOINT of summer. This is a […]

The History and Clinical Application of Cupping

Cupping is a treatment modality of Chinese medicine that has been part of the medicine for over 1500 years.  In China, the earliest use of cupping is attributed to the famous Daoist alchemist and herbalist, Ge Hong (281–341 A.D.). Since many historical records from China have been lost or destroyed, it is likely cupping was […]

Happy Year of the Dog!

  On February 16, 2018 the Chinese Lunar New Year begins. This is a two week long celebration in China with many traditional customs, including wearing the color red for good luck, eating particular foods for health and longevity, and traveling to see family members.   According to the traditional Chinese calendar, 2018 is the […]

15 Tips for Cold and Flu Season

15 Tips for Preventing and not Spreading the Common Cold and Flu   We all know that we can go to the doctor for help when we get sick, but isn’t it better to not get sick and have to go to the doctor in the first place? If you agree, then this article is […]

Treating Insomnia with Holistic Medicine

One of the most common complaints seen in most health clinics by practitioners and doctors of all kinds is sleeplessness. Insomnia is a condition that can negatively affect our well being on many levels if it is not treated right away, as it can turn into a chronic problem. If you have only experienced restlessness […]

Diagnosis and Treatment Plans in Chinese Medicine

Many new patients often ask what we are looking for when we take pulse and tongue, and also are curious to know how we select our acupuncture points for each treatment. This post is intended to answer these questions and more as we walk through the general process of diagnosis and acupuncture point selection. The […]

Year of the Fire Rooster

  January 28th marks one of the most important days of 2017 in China. This is because it is the first day of a two week long New Year celebration. The date changes yearly, as the celebration occurs on the second new moon after the winter solstice each year. The Chinese use both a lunar […]

Dōngzhì Festival- Winter Solstice and the Return of Yang

    On December 21, 2016 the Winter Solstice was celebrated by cultures all over the world. This day has been a significant one in the history of humankind ever since ancient cultures started to track time and the movements of the sun and stars. In China, the Winter Solstice Festival is called Dōngzhì, which […]

Year of the Fire Monkey

Celebrating the Year of the Fire Monkey In China, the New Year is celebrated for several weeks starting on New Year’s Eve. Families take a week off from work and school to travel in order to spend quality time with their loved ones. Married couples will often be seen handing red envelopes with money to […]